Atomic Weights
Carbon 12,0107
Oxygen 15,999
CO2 44,0087
 Trees sequester 22 kg CO2 /yr
Petrol/gasoline weighs 0,75 kg Iitre
 produces 2,331 kg Co2 /litre

How much carbon is there in wood?

Rough estimates say about 50% of the dry weight of wood is carbon.

Most building material contains 15% moisture.

The moisture content of freshly harvested logs may be in excess 100% (6), meaning that the weight of water in logs may equal or exceed the weight of the wood itself.



Oct. 27, 2003 – A staggering 98 tons of prehistoric, buried plant material – that’s 196,000 pounds – is required to produce each gallon of gasoline we burn in our cars, SUVs, trucks and other vehicles, according to a study conducted at the University of Utah.

“Can you imagine loading 40 acres worth of wheat – stalks, roots and all – into the tank of your car or SUV every 20 miles?” asks ecologist Jeff Dukes, whose study will be published in the November issue of the journal Climatic Change.

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