If the world were a village

There is a theory that we feel best when in smaller groups of about 200 people. Tribes in the jungle split when they get over 200. Corporations limit the size of units to 200. This maths problem asks if it is possible to organise the world in groups of 200 that send representatvies to groups … Continue reading

Do the math on Climate with the movie

Here is a chance for every science and maths teacher to connect their subject with what is going on. Now that concentrations topped 400ppm the need for schoolchildren to understand what faces them is ever more urgent! See our list of problems around climate here.

New problems around land use

How much land is actually available to us? How BIG is that – the size of a football field? Bigger? Much bigger? These questions are posed in our latest problem challenge. See the problem here.

How long will our oil last?

GIVEN that the Earth’s endowment of oil is about 3 trillion barrels AND GIVEN that current production is 85 million barrels a day IF world consumption remains at this level CALCULATE how many years we can continue to use oil. Further work GIVEN that the world population is 6.7 billion in 2010 IF world population … Continue reading