What price do the Swedish Government put on Carbon?

This problem relates to putting a price on emissions.   GIVEN that petrol in Sweden costs SEK14.50 at the pump, consumer price. And GIVEN that Carbon dioxide tax is 16% of the price at the pump USING the results of earlier calculations on carbon content of fuel: (click on this link) CALCULATE 1) What is the price … Continue reading

How much CO2 does one liter of petrol emit?

This problem is interesting as it brings up much of the problematics around burning fossil fuel.   GIVEN that: one litre of fuel weighs 0,75 kg GIVEN that: Petrol contains  one carbon atom for two hydrogen (roughly) =12 +1+1 CALCULATE The weight(mass) of carbon in one litre of fuel. GIVEN that: The atomic weight of carbon dioxide (CO2) is … Continue reading

Visualising the green economy

I was thinking the other day as I drove to the shops to pick up screws for a building project that the amount of energy used just to pick up shopping is gigantic. I was wondering how much forest had become fossilized just for me to get that litre of diesel that I used to … Continue reading

Now that there are one billion cars on the planet

With one billion cars on the planet it might be prudent to consider our oil use. Most cars run on the stuff. GIVEN that there are today one billion cars on the earth.  the average car travels 15,000km a year and uses 1 liter to travel 12km.  Global oil reserves were calculated to be 1,383 … Continue reading

How long will our oil last?

GIVEN that the Earth’s endowment of oil is about 3 trillion barrels AND GIVEN that current production is 85 million barrels a day IF world consumption remains at this level CALCULATE how many years we can continue to use oil. Further work GIVEN that the world population is 6.7 billion in 2010 IF world population … Continue reading