Indigenous = of a place Ingenius = very clever Indigenuity = living in a place in a clever, sustainable way Maths can help students makes sense of their world, to start to own it and to start to see ways to live more sustainably. Maths is an important component of indigenuity and teaching maths the … Continue reading

How much land per person

At present some 11 percent (1.5 billion ha) of the globe’s land surface (13.4 billion ha) is used in crop production (arable land and land under permanent crops). This area represents slightly over a third (36 percent) of the land estimated to be to some degree suitable for crop production. The fact that there remain … Continue reading

Round walks as teaching tools


New problems around land use

How much land is actually available to us? How BIG is that – the size of a football field? Bigger? Much bigger? These questions are posed in our latest problem challenge. See the problem here.