How much CO2 does one liter of petrol emit?

This problem is interesting as it brings up much of the problematics around burning fossil fuel.   GIVEN that: one litre of fuel weighs 0,75 kg GIVEN that: Petrol contains  one carbon atom for two hydrogen (roughly) =12 +1+1 CALCULATE The weight(mass) of carbon in one litre of fuel. GIVEN that: The atomic weight of carbon dioxide (CO2) is … Continue reading

Climate impact of cars

GIVEN: The average car in Europe weighs 1.5 metric tons (1500kg)and in the US: 2 tons (2000kg). GIVEN: One litre of petrol weighs 0.737 kg and one litre of petrol gives rise to 2.32kg of carbon dioxide. GIVEN: The European Fuel Efficiency Regulations demand maximum  5 litres per 100km. Calculate: How far must you drive … Continue reading

How much carbon is there in carbon dioxide?

GIVEN THAT The atomic weight of carbon is 12 and oxygen 16. As carbon dioxide has two oxygen molecules (CO2): The total weight of carbon dioxide is  12+16+16 =44 CALCULATE:  if your car emits one ton (1000kg) of carbon dioxide, how much of this is carbon? READ MORE: calculate how far you must drive to … Continue reading

Basic problems around climate

How much carbon dioxide do we per person actually emit? Well, some basic data has been published here. Depending on how you calculate it,  some say the average Swede emits 6 tons others say 8 tons. To emit 8 tons, how much oil or coal do we have to burn? Let’s make it easy for … Continue reading