How much biochar do I need to bury actually?

Rob Hopkins – co-founder of Transition Towns – has been to Sweden and a publicity event was arranged to effectively remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere by burying biochar. Here are some Maths Challenges around Biochar and emissions.


What price do the Swedish Government put on Carbon?

This problem relates to putting a price on emissions.   GIVEN that petrol in Sweden costs SEK14.50 at the pump, consumer price. And GIVEN that Carbon dioxide tax is 16% of the price at the pump USING the results of earlier calculations on carbon content of fuel: (click on this link) CALCULATE 1) What is the price … Continue reading

How much CO2 does one liter of petrol emit?

This problem is interesting as it brings up much of the problematics around burning fossil fuel.   GIVEN that: one litre of fuel weighs 0,75 kg GIVEN that: Petrol contains  one carbon atom for two hydrogen (roughly) =12 +1+1 CALCULATE The weight(mass) of carbon in one litre of fuel. GIVEN that: The atomic weight of carbon dioxide (CO2) is … Continue reading