What price do the Swedish Government put on Carbon?

This problem relates to putting a price on emissions.   GIVEN that petrol in Sweden costs SEK14.50 at the pump, consumer price. And GIVEN that Carbon dioxide tax is 16% of the price at the pump USING the results of earlier calculations on carbon content of fuel: (click on this link) CALCULATE 1) What is the price … Continue reading

How much CO2 does one liter of petrol emit?

This problem is interesting as it brings up much of the problematics around burning fossil fuel.   GIVEN that: one litre of fuel weighs 0,75 kg GIVEN that: Petrol contains  one carbon atom for two hydrogen (roughly) =12 +1+1 CALCULATE The weight(mass) of carbon in one litre of fuel. GIVEN that: The atomic weight of carbon dioxide (CO2) is … Continue reading