If the world were a village

There is a theory that we feel best when in smaller groups of about 200 people. Tribes in the jungle split when they get over 200. Corporations limit the size of units to 200.

This maths problem asks if it is possible to organise the world in groups of 200 that send representatvies to groups of 200.

Say you start with a neighbourhood of 200. That makes up a town of 200 neigbourhoods. Each neighbourhood could elect one representative so there would always be representation of 200 maximum.

Imagine taking this all the way using the pattern neigbourhood>town>municipality>county>country>united nations

GIVEN that the United Nations can only hold 200 nations and a nation can only hold 200 counties, and each county has 200 municipalities and each municipality has maximum 200 towns which have 200 neighbourhoods of 200 people each, 

what is the maximum number of people the earth can hold?





One Response to “If the world were a village”
  1. Eva & Ria says:

    128,000,000,000,000 or one hundred and twenty eight trillion.

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