Holding hands around the world

This problem was given to me during the Future Perfect festival I thought I would post it…

If we who live on Earth stand and hold hands with each other, would we be able to form a circle around the Earth?

Given that the average comfortable reach is about 1,2 meters hand to hand.

Given that there are 7 billion people on the Earth

Given the circumference of the Earth is 40075  km

State whether  the following is true or false: if the World population gathered at the Equator, could they, holding hands, create a human chain to encircle the world?

Next: how many times could the world be encircled if this is true?

If we could form a line holding hands around the world, what percentage of the world’s population would be needed?

3 Responses to “Holding hands around the world”
  1. dan says:

    Earths Circumference in meters = 40,075,000 meters
    Length of 7 Billion people holding hands = 8,400,000,000 meters

    Humanity at 7 billion could hold hands around the planet circling it 209 times.

    • Thanks Dan!

      I guess some of the people might be too old or young to hold hands but even at 6 billion it could be done! Is it just me or is it a nice thought? Impractical or highly difficult, but not impossible if you allow for no people where there is water.
      Thanks again for taking the challenge.

  2. So it would stretch…however most would drown…. 😉

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